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Alloy 926

Alloy 926 is a super-austenitic molybdenum stainless steel that exhibits excellent resistance to a variety of highly corrosive environments. The combination of molybdenum and nitrogen in its composition resists pitting and crevice corrosion, while copper improves sulfuric acid resistance, and nitrogen improves yield and tensile strengths.
The following datasheet will provide more details about alloy 926.

Chemical Composition

The following table shows the chemical composition of alloy 926.

Element Content (%)
Iron, Fe 41.69 - 50.35
Nickel, Ni 24-26
Chromium, Cr 19-21
Molybdenum, Mo 6-7
Manganese, Mn ≤2
Copper, Cu 0.5-1.5
Silicon, Si ≤0.5
Nitrogen, N 0.15-0.25
Phosphorous, P ≤0.03
Carbon, C ≤0.02
Sulfur, S ≤0.01

Physical Properties

The physical properties of alloy 926 are outlined in the following table.

Properties Metric Imperial
Density 8.03 g/cm³ 0.29 lb/in³

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of alloy 926 are outlined in the following table.

Properties Metric Imperial
Tensile strength ≥648 MPa ≥94000 psi
Yield strength ≥296 MPa ≥43000 psi
Modulus of elasticity 192 GPa 27800 ksi
Elongation at break ≥35 % ≥35 %
Rockwell B hardness ≤86 ≤86


The following are some of the major applications of alloy 926:

Desalinization systems
Pulp and paper industry
Food processing equipment
Chemical processing plant
Offshore oil and gas production
Power generation

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